Mark Rober
Mark Rober
Mark Rober

Former NASA engineer. Current GRgor and friend of science.
Answers to some common questions:
1) I studied Mechanical Engineering in School. I did my undergrad at BYU and Masters at USC.
2) I worked for NASA JPL for 9 years, 7 of which were working on the Curiosity Rover (I made a video about it you should def totes watch cause it's probably my favorite of all my videos). I founded a company called Digital Dudz on my nights and weekends while working at NASA (also made some videos about that) and sold it to the guys who make Morphsuits in the UK. As part of the sale I quit my job at NASA and worked for them coming up with all their new costume ideas for 2 years. Recently, I was presented with an opportunity to return to my Engineering roots to come do some ideation type of work for a tech company near San Francisco.
3) Link to free and therefore substandard build plans for my custom workbench can be found below.

Porch Pirate vs. Glitter Bomb Trap 2.0
Using Drones to Plant 20,000,000 Trees
Rocket Powered Golf Club at 100,000 FPS
World's Largest Horn Shatters Glass
Is NASA a waste of money?

Is NASA a waste of money?

Πριν 2 χρόνια

ARCADE SCAM SCIENCE (not clickbait)
Liquid Sand Hot Tub- Fluidized air bed
NICEST Car Horn Ever- DIY

NICEST Car Horn Ever- DIY

Πριν 2 χρόνια

Automatic Bullseye, MOVING DARTBOARD


Πριν 3 χρόνια



Πριν 3 χρόνια

How to get 1 MILLION subscribers

How to get 1 MILLION subscribers

Πριν 3 χρόνια

How to Survive a Grenade Blast

How to Survive a Grenade Blast

Πριν 3 χρόνια

Snowball Machine Gun- How to make

Snowball Machine Gun- How to make

Πριν 4 χρόνια



Πριν 4 χρόνια

HEAT MAP Microwave- a NEW invention
iPhone ATM PIN code hack- HOW TO PREVENT
40 MPH Pinewood Derby Car- HOW TO

40 MPH Pinewood Derby Car- HOW TO

Πριν 5 χρόνια

NASA Pumpkin Carving Contest

NASA Pumpkin Carving Contest

Πριν 6 χρόνια

Glowing Algae Water Fountain

Glowing Algae Water Fountain

Πριν 6 χρόνια

8-bit Annoying Person Remover- NES Hack
LED Edge Lit Table- HOW TO

LED Edge Lit Table- HOW TO

Πριν 7 χρόνια

iWound Animated Halloween Costume

iWound Animated Halloween Costume

Πριν 7 χρόνια

250 sq ft GLOWING Super Mario night kite
Shower Hair Mural- HOW TO.mp4

Shower Hair Mural- HOW TO.mp4

Πριν 7 χρόνια

Shower Hair Art- a mural

Shower Hair Art- a mural

Πριν 7 χρόνια

5 EPIC pranks in 60 seconds

5 EPIC pranks in 60 seconds

Πριν 8 χρόνια

Gorilla lured by iPhone- how-to demo
Make a Gorilla cam- HOW TO

Make a Gorilla cam- HOW TO

Πριν 8 χρόνια

Always win at heads/tails- BEST METHOD
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